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5:11 Mandy Muse is addicted to having her backside romped and her mother Dava Foxx and stepbrother Kyle Mason are highly worried. She embarked by putting a pen up her donk, then moved up to a cucumber that was more shaft shaped and longer. When Mandy steals her mommy's pummel stick and thrusts it up her chocolate starfish, Dava takes the nuclear option and demands that Kyle stick his thick manhood up her bung.Pulling out Kyle's stiffie, Dava tells Mandy to come stroke her stepbro's meatpipe to make sure it's super-cute and rock-hard. When her handie doesn't work, Mandy is instructed to put her hatch to work. A oral job does the trick, getting Kyle super-cute and firm so he can shovel it into Mandy's caboose when she turns around. With the taut ring of Mandy's ass-hole and that ample arse provocative him beyond measure, Kyle doesn't have any problems pulverizing his stepsister even after his mummy ambles away.Now that Mandy's gotten a taste of her step-brother's fat manstick, she wants to attempt other postures. She lets Kyle sit down on the bed so she can take his fuckpole in her booty and ride him at her own titty-shaking tempo. The 2 decide that it's only right if they get together with Kyle's boink stick sunk in Mandy's thirsty honeypot, so he helps her onto the bed and then primes her for a huge orgasm. Then he changes fuck-holes and plays stud until she's cumming again from an ass-fuck ejaculation. Once Mandy is ultimately satiated, Kyle pulls out just in time to glaze her muff in a geyser of steamy spunk. Mandy suggests they keep smashing, leaving Kyle alarmed that it didn't cure her but blessed to keep helping.
5:00 Dana Grizzly wants her stepbrother's trouser snake and she's the kind of girl who'll get what she wants. She heard a rumor at college that Kyle Mason's beef whistle was ginormous, and despite her greatest efforts she finds herself obsessed. Draining to the thought of Kyle isn't enough, so she hatches a plan to get him to penetrate her. She pretends to be sick and waits for Kyle to come check up on her. At that point, Dana confesses that she has a terminal illness that not even her mother knows about. She asks Kyle for a hug to make her perceive nicer, then claims that she's experiencing indeed scorching as she takes her tee-shirt off. Kyle is evidently awkward, but he rams around to support his step-sister.Wearing only her underpants, Dana asks Kyle to hold her as she tries to fall asleep. Grudgingly, Kyle gives in to her demand. Dana claims that Kyle's clothes are clumsy and asks him to de-robe, which he does even tho' he thinks it's bizarre. They spoon together, which gives Kyle a cock. Dana jiggles her bottom against his stiffie until his beef whistle slides into her. Kyle is instantaneously apologetic, but Dana insists that he keep going because it senses fine. Now that she has Kyle right where she wants him, Dana gets on and shakes out of her undies. He witnesses in awes as his super-fucking-hot stepsis deepthroats his chisel and then mounts him for a stiffie rail. When Dana has had enough of that pose, she gets to her soles and then bends over the sofa. Kyle comes into her from behind, giving her a taste of his large one rear end fashion. Eventually, Dana shifts onto her back and urges Kyle to keep on ripping up her. He's so excited that he spunks inwards Dana's vag, which was her purpose all along. Now that she's gotten what she wants, she lets Kyle know that she's not sick at all and that it was all a ploy to get him in couch.
8:00 Andi Rose and her friend Jazmin Luv have determined to do a ghost hunting schtick. They change into sexy ghost hunter outfits and then wander the mansion on film looking for evidence of the paranormal. When Jazmin's stepbrother, Kyle Mason, tries to ask what they're doing, the damsels get talkative with him. Kyle leaves them alone, but only long enough to hatch a plan to prank them back. He decks a room out in some stick on pulverize sticks and hides in the closet to wait for the damsels to find them. The damsels eventually come into the room, and just as Kyle had hoped they get up close and personal. He has rigged one of the pulverize sticks to inhale a sticky load, and when both damsels are staring at it he sets off the trigger. Jazmin gets a face total of ghost slime.Jazmin is pissed. She turns on Kyle, claiming that he only did this because he has a tiny slimer that he's too embarrassed to show them. Andi backs Jazmin up, which prompts Kyle to whip it out. Jazmin is grossed out, but Andi determines Kyle has a big cock and that she wants to get slimed by the real thing. Pushing Kyle onto his back, Andi begins sucking. Jazmin isn't into it at first, but Andi talks her into it. Soon enough, the damsels are working together to deepthroat dick. Andi isn't satisfied with the cock in her mouth for long when she knows she could just peel off her ghost hunting outfit and impale herself on the D. Arching back, she bounces away as Jazmin touches both her and Kyle. Then, Andi yields her pulverize stick so Jazmin can take a turn enjoying a ride.The damsels switch things up once again when Jazmin gets on her hands and knees so Kyle can give it to her in doggy. The new position lets Jazmin bury her face between Andi's thighs, feasting on her friend as she gets fucked. Andi eventually finds herself on her back with Kyle once again giving it to her. Jazmin helps hold Andi's thigh back so that Kyle can have the ultimate pussy pounding. When Andi is finally groaning in contentment, Kyle pulls out. The damsels get on their bellies to share Kyle's cock for one last BJ, and are rewarded with a blast of cum in their mouths to share through a deep kiss.
5:04 Eliza Ibarra and her stepbrother Kyle Mason are having an escalating prank war. Eliza sneaks into Kyle's room while he's sleeping and puts a remote managed vibro in his trousers. She plays with it until he ejaculates. Just as Kyle is waking up from that wet fantasy, Eliza retreats to her room leaving only the jism stain as evidence. Kyle knows he can't let his stepsis get away with it, so he goes to her room to confront her. He tries to yell at her but holds back out of dread that his mom will hear.Afterwards, Kyle gets back at Eliza by joining her on the sofa as she witnesses tv. He rolls her microskirt aside and caresses her gam as she pretends to overlook him. Pulling out his rod, Kyle makes sure it's ultra-cute and firm as he plays with Eliza's vag. She offers to give him a handie if he'll leave her alone, but when she gets engulfed in her demonstrate her mitt job polishes to a halt. Kyle pesters Eliza to proceed jacking him off, and ultimately she offers to let him bang her doggy fashion if he'll just stop bothering her.Kyle is blessed enough penetrating Eliza from behind, but since she's eager he tells her it'll go swifter if she rides his pinkish cigar. She agrees, taking him all the way into her shaved cooter and letting him pull up her t-shirt so he can caress her udders. Cowgirl and change sides cowgirl both do it for Eliza, who's very apparently liking her rail. Her showcase forgotten, she gets on her back so Kyle can kneel inbetween her hips and bring her off again. Her huge snatch is still pulsing as Kyle frees to adorn his sis in jizz. Eliza commences chortling when she realizes Kyle got jizm on the sofa, then unwraps so he has to tidy it up alone.
5:00 Elle McCray has married a wealthy guy and his sonny, Ricky Spanish, is kind of a fox. Elle worries that Ricky may fall prey to chicks who are after his daddy's money. Her own adopted daughter-in-law, Lana Grey, is already supah into Ricky's rod! After walking in on Lana pursuing Ricky around for a taste of the crotch, Elle hatches a plan to help Ricky learn how to struggle off lusty nymphs. Afterward, Elle and Ricky are sitting around the dinner table when Lana doubles down on her dream for Ricky's stiffie by strutting in in a hooter-sling and panty. Elle leaves Ricky to fend off Lana as she continues putting her plan into action by excusing herself from the apartment so she can also put on some underwear. Imagine Elle's dismay when she finds that Ricky already has his chisel in Lana's facehole by the time she comes back! Elle is disappointed that Ricky couldn't even stand against his torrid adopted sis, so she suggests that the 3 of them take things to the living apartment to help Ricky get it out of his system to gain his resistance.With mother as the guide, Ricky gets his sausage deep-throated by both nymphs. His dual Fellatio turns into Lana railing Ricky's hardon with Elle providing advice and encouragement. Then Elle lays down and lets Ricky go to town on her mummy muff while Elle tongues Lana out. Since Lana is experiencing excellent on her hands and knees, Ricky pulls her into the middle so he can shag his step-sister rear end fashion while Lana feasts on Elle's mayo packed shag crevasse. When Elle climbs aboard for a stiffie rail of her own, Ricky knows he can't hold out much longer. Lana helps him out as he pulls out of Elle's twat, jacking him off until he produces a facial cumshot. The 2 nymphs are satiated with themselves that Ricky has gotten it out of his system.
1:56 Bella Rose and her stepsister Daphne Dare are draping Fourth of July decorations when their step-father Lollipop Chibbles arrives with his mate Brad Sterling. He presents everyone before heading out with Brad to grab a gulp. Bella is instantaneously interested in Brad, who she reasons will have money and will know how to bang nicer since he's a bit old. When Bella has explained all this to Daphne, the men come back. Bella takes the chance to demonstrate off her boobies and slit when her father's back is revved. Brad holds his peace until Pecker leaves to grip some refills, then explains to Bella that her demeanour is inappropriate.When Brad goes out to rejoin Trunk, Daphne tells Bella that she's highly likely coming on too whorish. When Daphne claims that she could make out with Brad, Bella takes off. That gives Daphne just the chance to make her stir when Brad comebacks sans Man-Meat. Lil' does Daphne know as she's locking lips with Brad that Bella is hiding and recording the entire thing. She waits until she has a moment alone with Brad, then flashes him the flick and tells him he'd nicer come to her apartment to munch her out if he wants the recording to go away.Brad is in a tie, so he does as Bella insists. She gives him a adorable salami blowing before letting him in for a cunt celebrate, but Daphne interrupts them. That's okay with Bella; she convinces Daphne into joining her in a double BLOW-JOB. Then she whips out her smartphone and embarks filming Brad as he buries sack deep into Daphne's sweet muff. She uses this fresh vid evidence to insist that Brad needs to bang her, too, resulting in a total-fellated Three-way with Daphne and Bella taking turns riding Brad's pound stick. After frolicking the reluctant fellow to 2 youthful coeds, Brad blasts a ballsack in Daphne's slit. They're just attempting to bod out what to do when Fuck-Stick comes in and spins out at the tableau of his daughters-in-law nude with his buddy.