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8:00 For May the Fourth, Quinn Wilde and Chloe Temple have clothed as vying Jedis to struggle over Lily Larimar, who is clothed as a princess in distress. The gals are having a great time until Chloe's stepbrother Will Pounder walks in and tries to shut the party down. Chloe invites Will to join them, but he says no because Chloe always tries to make it sexual. Quinn asks Chloe if she's still attempting to get pregnant. Chloe denies it, then beckons Will over to say that her acquaintance Quinn thinks that he's downright hot and if he promises not to rat them out for their party Quinn will certainly pound him. When Will is interested, Chloe goes to plant the same idea in Quinn's head. The four of them engage in an epic battle, but when Will wins the gals insist that maybe it's time he shows off his real weapon. Ripping off to their knees, the three lets Quinn take the lead as they pull out Codey's hardon and begin sucking. The gals each get a turn, with Chloe going 2nd and Lilly bashfully enjoying the last suck. It's not hard from there to convince Will that they all need to fuck. Will starts with Chloe this time, giving it to her in doggy. Quinn pops next as Chloe watches and masturbates her hot little twat. When Quinn has gotten hers, she and Chloe finger each other's clits as Will takes Lilly. Will takes a seat on the couch next so Quinn can rail his pound stick while shoving her phat tits in her face and while her BFFs diddle themselves to the sight. Lilly gets to take the next turn. Chloe goes last as she lays cradled in Quinn's arms with Will banging away inbetween her thighs. She gets Will to spunk inside her even though he doesn't do it voluntarily, leaving her with what she hopes is her stepbrother's baby.
8:00 Andi Rose has one hell of a wet pussy. She wants her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, to help her out with it. She constantly puts herself into positions that ensure that Tyler sees her twat. First, she tries claiming that she has razor burn from shaving her pussy and that she needs Tyler's cum to soothe it. Tyler crushes Andi out of his room, but after a while he realizes that it's too quiet around the house and he goes to investigate. He finds Andi in his bed again with her pussy so wet that she has doused thru her shorts. Andi suggests that he taste it. Peeling off those shorts, she lets him have the full show. She insists that he come in close and take a look. If Tyler is shy, Andi suggests he can lick her juices off her fingers, or that he can take some of her pussy juices and paw it on his stiffy to use as lube while he jerks off. Tyler takes her up on that offer, and she's quick to plead him to stick it in. Her insistence has worn Tyler down, so he gives in and slides home into his stepsister's running in rivulets twat in doggy.Now that Tyler has sampled his stepsis's charms, he wants more. He pounds her from behind and then gets on his back so Andi can ride his fuck stick. That WAP makes it easy for Andi to bounce away on her stepbrother's dick. After Andi deepthroats her own juices off of Tyler's hardon, she gets on the bed so she Tyler can spoon behind her. They wind up with Tyler standing beside the bed, banging Andi as she holds her legs out of the way to open herself completely. When Tyler claims he's going to cum, Andi wraps her legs around him to keep him inwards for a creampie that she hopes will get her knocked up.
8:00 Alexis Crystal is involved with her new American stepbrother, Nick Ross. Katy Rose is involved with her new American step cousin, the same Nick Ross. Alexis has the first-ever crack at Nick's cock as she pops it out to start tugging him off the second they're alone. Sinking to her knees, Alexis opens wide to start inhaling her stepbro with a blowjob BJ. Her big brown eyes plead Nick to fuck her, so he gets her on her back to do exactly that, not stopping until he gives Alexis a creampie.Katy is the next in line for Nick. She waits a few days before seizing him one afternoon to make out. Her palms are hasty to go to Nick's cock and pull it out so she can sink to her knees to start fellating with those soft lips. Her landing strip snatch is a warm welcome for Nick as he lays her down on the sofa and spoons behind her. Things are really starting to heat up as they get going, but then poop goes sideways when Alexis walks in on them and catches them in the act.Of course, these European women know how to share. The femmes both want to get pregnant, so they are happy to have some stepcousin fun as they make out, suckle each other's nipples, and rub each other's pussies. Then they turn their attention to Nick to punch start a lusty threesome. The femmes work together to blow Nick's dick. Then Katy rides Nick's hatch and then his cock as Alexis helps double down on her superb times. Alexis gets her pussy fucked next while Katy plants her twat on Alexis's mouth. Katy gets it in doggy, but then the femmes create a double pussy stack with Alexis on top and Katy beneath. Nick gets to double dip, first-ever glutting Alexis with a creampie and then extracting and pushing it in to give some of that sweet cum to Katy, too.