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8:00 For May the Fourth, Quinn Wilde and Chloe Temple have clothed as vying Jedis to struggle over Lily Larimar, who is clothed as a princess in distress. The gals are having a great time until Chloe's stepbrother Will Pounder walks in and tries to shut the party down. Chloe invites Will to join them, but he says no because Chloe always tries to make it sexual. Quinn asks Chloe if she's still attempting to get pregnant. Chloe denies it, then beckons Will over to say that her acquaintance Quinn thinks that he's downright hot and if he promises not to rat them out for their party Quinn will certainly pound him. When Will is interested, Chloe goes to plant the same idea in Quinn's head. The four of them engage in an epic battle, but when Will wins the gals insist that maybe it's time he shows off his real weapon. Ripping off to their knees, the three lets Quinn take the lead as they pull out Codey's hardon and begin sucking. The gals each get a turn, with Chloe going 2nd and Lilly bashfully enjoying the last suck. It's not hard from there to convince Will that they all need to fuck. Will starts with Chloe this time, giving it to her in doggy. Quinn pops next as Chloe watches and masturbates her hot little twat. When Quinn has gotten hers, she and Chloe finger each other's clits as Will takes Lilly. Will takes a seat on the couch next so Quinn can rail his pound stick while shoving her phat tits in her face and while her BFFs diddle themselves to the sight. Lilly gets to take the next turn. Chloe goes last as she lays cradled in Quinn's arms with Will banging away inbetween her thighs. She gets Will to spunk inside her even though he doesn't do it voluntarily, leaving her with what she hopes is her stepbrother's baby.
8:00 Lily Larimar and her friend Jewelz Blu are doing their homework on the computer while Lily's stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, hangs out in the same room on his phone. The girls attract Tyler's attention with their giggles and then ask for him to help them out. Ultimately Tyler agrees to give them a hand. Coming to sit behind the girls where they're on their knees, Tyler attempts to be helpful but instead he's just distracted btw their asses glance beneath their short skirts. Jewelz knows what's up. She lifts her skirt and invites Tyler to get as handsy as he wants while Lily remains oblivious.Flipping Jewelz's skirt up and pulling her thong aside, Tyler sees his sister's friend is adorable and wet for him. Jewelz encourages his attention by grinding her butt against Tyler's hardon. Tyler doesn't need a further invitation. He takes hold of a fistful of that butt and slides on home as Jewelz attempts to hold the moan to keep from alerting Lily. Eventually, Lily does figure out what her friend and stepbro are up to. She doesn't say anything, but Tyler sees her peeking and realizes that Lily is wet, too. He agrees to let Tyler finger bang her as she keeps working on her assignment. When Tyler asks if he can put another in, Lily agrees. Tyler attempts to trick her by using his fuck-stick instead, but Lily is game to play.Now that all three of them are in on the fun, there's no reason to be coy. They all start peeling their clothes off as Tyler and Jewelz make out and Tyler keeps Lily's party going with his dick. Jewelz masturbates as she sees the stepsibs in action, keeping her buzz going as she waits for another ride on Tyler's dick. He gives it to her when she hops on the couch and stretches her thighs, diving deep as Lily licks her nipples. Lily gets another chance to enjoy Tyler's charms as she climbs on top of him and takes him deep inside so she can juggle away in a stiffie ride. Now that the girls have had their orgasms, they get on their knees to deliver a double BJ that concludes with Tyler busting a nut in their waiting mouths. The girls enjoy a smooch that lets them share their salty treat.
8:00 Kenzie Reeves is loud as hell when she's masturbating, and her stepbrother, Codey Steele, can hear her clearly. Kenzie isn't peculiarly repentant about it when Codey confronts her about it, so Codey decides to up the ante. He hides microphones in Kenzie's bedroom so he can hear her more clearly when she's diddling herself. When Kenzie finds the microphones, she finds that it's a huge turn on to know her brother is so into listening in.When Kenzie decides to confront Codey about the mics, she finds him listening to music and masturbating. The sight of Codey's shag stick lodges it for Kenzie: She just has to have that hard beefstick inside her. She climbs on top of Codey and pretends to chide him, but in reality all she can think of is getting on top of his dick. She finally just hoists her thighs and pushes herself down until she's fully impaled. That gets the message thru to Codey clear as day. Thrusting Kenzie back, Codey leans in and begins just feasting on that cream-colored twat to make sure she's nice and wet for a true, unimpeded stiffie ride. Kenzie is so tiny that she can easily ride her brother while leaning in for searing kisses. Reverse cowgirl is a desire come true as Kenzie rubs her clit. When Codey gets to his feet and hoists Kenzie so he can pound her as he stands up, her moans are pure delight. Codey lodges Kenzie back on the bed in rear end to take his deep penetration. He keeps the party going for Kenzie's pleasure, rolling her onto her back so that her greedy poon can enjoy one last orgasm. On her belly between Codey's thighs, Kenzie bj's her stepbrother off until he's ready to pop. A heartbeat before he cums, Codey gets Kenzie on her back once again so he can explode all over her belly and bare twat.