two Weeks A Go I Get Boned Over By A Lil' Breezy. I Made An Online Purchase, But I Get Scammed. Her Name Was Kate Lovly, I Called Her Many Times, The Fuckslut Was Cursing Me Out And Quikly Drapes Up The Phone. So The Plan Was To Teach Her A Lesson. To Our Suprise She Loved Being Kidnapped. The Way She Action, The Way She's Deep Throating Off 15 Rock Hard Stiffys! She Was Well-Prepped For It, Immense Spunk Shots In Her Face Makes Her Sneer Like She Liked It To Our Suprise. Firm Smacking Spanks On Her Phat Round Bum Makes Her Squeal And Suck, She Even Beggs To Slap Her Stiffer. The Lil' Superslut Has Done It Before, Bukkake Blowbang Wasn't A Penalty But More Like A Rewarded Bounty.

2021-08-29 21:08

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