Emily Blacc is a beautiful brunette with a dipshit boyfriend. When she learns that he's been cuckold on her, her first thoughts turn to revenge. What nicer way to get revenge than through porn? And who nicer to plumb than her boyfriend's roommate? In a short black skirt and clingy shirt, she sets her trap and calls him over to help get some heavy boxes out of the back of her car. He falls for it, hook line and sinker, but seems confused when he only finds one box. Why did she call him over anyway? Emily tells him about her cuckold dipshit boyfriend and he seems to perceive sincerely sorry for her. He wants to help comfort her but he's not sure how. Luckily, Emily has an idea. She lays her hand on the crotch of his jeans, ready to reveal her master plan.

2021-08-29 10:29

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