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5:31 Kenzie Madison and her stepbrother Brad Sterling have to share a apartment with a bunk sofa when they visit their Auntie's building. There's lots of sexual pressure between Kenzie and Brad, which cranks Brad out. He tries to express his concerns to his mother, Claudia Monet, but Claudia tells Brad that it's brilliantly standard for chicks Kenzie's age to be curious about sexual things. She suggests that Brad display Kenzie his manstick to normalize it for her. Kenzie gets an eyeful, but Claudia won't let Kenzie fondle. Then Claudia leaves, saying the kids to get lodged in. They go to sleep.Brad takes the bottom bunk. When he can't sleep that night, he asks if Kenzie is awake. She doesn't react, so he pulls his trunks down to beat his meat. Kenzie gives him all of several seconds to stroke it before she asks if she can observe or even help. Brad stands his ground right until Kenzie spunks her bosoms and donk out while praying if this will help him jism. Ultimately Brad commences jerking it again because his stepsis is too red-hot to turn down. When Kenzie tries again to substitute Brad's arm with hers, he lets her. Leaning in, she commences blowing him down in a Blowage JOB that Brad isn't all that interested in stopping.Even tho' Kenzie takes her time, Brad still doesn't jizm. She suggests it might happen swifter if he pokes her as she gets on her mitts and knees. Brad doesn't even argue before he pushes his stiffy ball-sac deep into that raw muff. When rear end doesn't do it, Kenzie jumps onto Brad's shag stick and rails him all the way inside her furry vagina. The bunk beds make their acrobatics much lighter! By now Brad is intent on getting his stepsis off one last time as she lays on her back. He's almost well-prepped to pop himself, but as briefly as Kenzie gets wind that Brad is on the edge she wraps her hands and gams around him to hold him inside as he blows his fountain for a inward ejaculation. The noise of their bang-out has alerted Claudia, who comes barging in to shriek at them for caressing.