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1:56 Bella Rose and her stepsister Daphne Dare are draping Fourth of July decorations when their step-father Lollipop Chibbles arrives with his mate Brad Sterling. He presents everyone before heading out with Brad to grab a gulp. Bella is instantaneously interested in Brad, who she reasons will have money and will know how to bang nicer since he's a bit old. When Bella has explained all this to Daphne, the men come back. Bella takes the chance to demonstrate off her boobies and slit when her father's back is revved. Brad holds his peace until Pecker leaves to grip some refills, then explains to Bella that her demeanour is inappropriate.When Brad goes out to rejoin Trunk, Daphne tells Bella that she's highly likely coming on too whorish. When Daphne claims that she could make out with Brad, Bella takes off. That gives Daphne just the chance to make her stir when Brad comebacks sans Man-Meat. Lil' does Daphne know as she's locking lips with Brad that Bella is hiding and recording the entire thing. She waits until she has a moment alone with Brad, then flashes him the flick and tells him he'd nicer come to her apartment to munch her out if he wants the recording to go away.Brad is in a tie, so he does as Bella insists. She gives him a adorable salami blowing before letting him in for a cunt celebrate, but Daphne interrupts them. That's okay with Bella; she convinces Daphne into joining her in a double BLOW-JOB. Then she whips out her smartphone and embarks filming Brad as he buries sack deep into Daphne's sweet muff. She uses this fresh vid evidence to insist that Brad needs to bang her, too, resulting in a total-fellated Three-way with Daphne and Bella taking turns riding Brad's pound stick. After frolicking the reluctant fellow to 2 youthful coeds, Brad blasts a ballsack in Daphne's slit. They're just attempting to bod out what to do when Fuck-Stick comes in and spins out at the tableau of his daughters-in-law nude with his buddy.