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5:11 In this spinoff on a fairy tale, Sleeping Sweetheart, Snow Milky, and Cinderella get sick of waiting for a dude to find them and determine to take their sheer delectation into their own arms. Snow White points out that none of them has even smooched a stud yet. Cinderella and Sleeping Hottie offer that Snow White could practice smooching on a mirror, but Snow White is sick of smooching her own cold reflection. They determine to practice on each other. Once all 3 gals have expert smooching, they determine they want to practice whatever happens after true love’s smooch.Sleeping Sweetie is helped out of her underwear by the other 2 goddesses, who are enamored by her gigantic joy bags. Then it’s Snow White’s turn and eventually Cinderella’s. The dolls can’t help but come back their attention to Sleeping Ultra-Cutie, who sees timidly as Cinderella and Snow White each takes a bap and deepthroats it. When Sleeping Beauty’s arm glides down to her cunny, Cinderella proclaims that she has some ideas if the other 2 want to join in. Jumping on the counter, Cinderella stretches her hips so Snow White can munch her out, while Sleeping Sweetheart drowns her face in Snow White’s cootchie. When Snow White lays on her back, Cinderella goes to work with her magical tongue. Meantime, Sleeping Sweetie postures herself over Snow White’s throat to rail the princess’s face. Anxious to dual down on Sleeping Beauty’s gusto, Cinderella and Snow White work together to gobble out and fondle down her greasy cootchie. To accomplish themselves off, the 3 damsels sit side by side and jerk to orgasm together. Now they know they’re all prepped for their Prince Fetching.